Orange & Grapefruit – Fruit Infusion 100g

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Orange & Grapefruit  100g bag

Character: Delicious summery infusion of orange & grapefruit, very refreshing with a slightly tart undertone.

Ingredients: Apple, grapes (sunflower oil), papaya, orange, carrot, lemon grass, marigold blossoms, natural grapefruit flavouring.

Brewing method: Brew 1 teaspoon of Orange & Grapefruit fruit infusion in 200ml (7fl oz.) filtered and freshly boiled water for 5-8 minutes.

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7 reviews for Orange & Grapefruit – Fruit Infusion 100g

  1. Rosie (verified owner)

    Sweet and fruity. Not sour or overwhelmingly citrusy but with a lovely flavour that will be perfect iced on a summer’s day

  2. Holly

    I made this up as an iced tea. It’s light, refreshing and aromatic

  3. Karen Bannerman

    A beautiful refreshing flavour subtle blend of flavours which will be ideal on a lazy summer day ! The aroma was fruity and inviting and it looks as good as it tastes and smells .

  4. Jo Woods

    Loved this, perfect for the first drink of the day

  5. Kirsty

    Oh my the smell as I opened the packet was gorgeous. I love how chunky everything is in this so it gives full flavours,nothing like a shop brought infusion tea. This was delicious,fruity and refreshing,I added sugar for personal taste. And I’m looking forward to trying it iced

  6. Lesley spencer

    Can’t really add any more that hasn’t been said already! The smell is amazing (I would consider putting some in my knicker drawer!!) The taste is light and refreshing, I like it now (April) but I think it will really come into it’s own in the warmer months. It’s nice hot or cold so it doesn’t matter if you forget it.

  7. Sarah Turner

    Much the same as other reviewers but the smell out of the packet was divine, it’s a super subtle flavour and smell once infused, pale in colour but really refreshing and not over powering like some fruit teas. I have had this hot and cold with ice and it was equally as delicious.

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