Mocha Cake (black) 100g

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Mocha Cake (black) – black tea 100g bag

Character: Wonderfully different blend of black tea, coffee beans & rose petals.

Ingredients: black tea, coffee beans (6%), rose petals.

Brewing method: Brew 1 teaspoon of tea in 200ml (7fl oz.) filtered and freshly boiled water for 3-4 minutes


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6 reviews for Mocha Cake (black) 100g

  1. Karen Bannerman

    I absolutely love this tea and can see it becoming a firm favourite mid morning or after a meal instead of my current regular cup of coffee. The smell is so aromatic and the aftertaste lingers for several minutes .
    For me there was a subtle taste of coffee and vanilla -,I’m not a fan of rose in teas but the rise flavour enhanced the coffee . Would recommend if you like medium coffee rather than strong blend.
    As a tea , delicious ☕️

  2. Holly

    This was a lovely tea. I drank it without milk. It has a nice flavour and, as a lovely surprise, no bitterness. I love the addition of coffee to the tea, it seems to add a mellow taste and a great aroma

  3. Sarah Turner

    The first thing that hit me on opening the packet was the chocolately smell, I loved the individual coffee beans in the tea, it looked as pretty as it smelt. We used a diy tea bag which was super easy to do. The tea itself was a lovely golden colour and smelt of tea rather than the chocolate I expected after my initial opening of the packet.
    It had a subtle sweetness and a nice mocha flavour with the bitterness you would expect and the vanilla hints to balance. I couldn’t taste the rose so don’t be put off if you aren’t a rose tea person.
    I really enjoyed it.

  4. Rebecca

    If you can’t decide between a cup of tea, a coffee or a hot chocolate then this is your drink! It’s a real mix of of the 3.

  5. Rosie

    Lovely black tea, the sweetness of the rose is perfectly balanced with a subtle bitterness from the coffee so that neither is overwhelming. It is actually reminiscent of a really good quality chocolate cake, despite the fact there’s no actual chocolate in the recipe

  6. Lesley spencer

    This is an excellent choice for when you don’t want your usual tea, but also don’t want a coffee either. This was absolutely delicious, very light. Unlike other reviews above I didn’t find it bitter at all. I even had it without sugar or sweeteners so feel it’s better for me too. I had a couple of caramel biscuits with it (as I didn’t have any coffee cake!) and they really complimented it. Highly recommend!

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