Brazilian Mate (Yerba Mate), green, unroasted – Herbal Infusion


Character: Maté is an herbal infusion made from dried leaves of Ilex Paraguayensis (Holly family)

Mate has a high level of caffeine and, as a result, significantly increases energy levels in the human body and stimulates brain activity. The flavour of brewed Maté leaves is slightly bitter, similar to some varieties of green tea, so is advised best drunk with sugar or honey.

Infusion: green, yellow-green

Ingredients: pure Mate

Country of origin: Brazil

Brewing method: Place 2 teaspoons of Mate infusion in a teapot (or 1 tsp per mug) & add steaming but not boiling water and brew for 7-10 min. You may want to add a little sugar/honey to taste.

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