Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Bannockburn – 1st flush 100g


Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Bannockburn – 1st flush

Character: The classic first flush Bannockburn is multifaceted and balanced: the most satisfying cup of tea you can get. A mature tea from one of the first Darjeeling gardens, it is fresh yet fruity with citrus and apricot notes; crisp yet mellow with honey undertones.

First Flush is defined as the very first plucking of a tea plant’s harvest season. The new growth leaves plucked during First Flush are the youngest and most tender part of the tea plant and are said to yield the purest and freshest cup of tea that plant is capable of producing.

Infusion: bright golden-coloured

Ingredients: Darjeeling 1st flush Black Tea

Brewing method: Brew 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of tea in 200ml (7fl oz.) filtered and freshly boiled water for 2-3 minutes.

Country of origin: India

Province: Bannockburn Tea Estate is located in the West Darjeeling Valley

Ever wondered what the letters mean?

FTGFOP1 is only used for whole leaf teas. Tea that consists of fine uncrushed leaves with a delicate taste. In short a synonym for high quality. Besides leaf teas there are also crushed & torn leaves that are referred to as “broken”; “fannings” & “dust” are separated from broken-leaf teas as they are not used in loose leaf products as they are too small a particle of tea.

Orange Pekoe relates to the quality of the tea leaves. Orange does not refer to the colour but to the Dutch word “oranje” meaning “royal”. Pekoe (in Chinese pak-ho) can be translated as “white” – the colour of the fine fluff beneath young shoots. The F (for flowery) before OP indicates that tender and delicate flower buds were picked for this tea.

FOP1 allows conclusions about the care with which the tea was plucked – just two leaves and a bud. The coarser leaves remain on the tea bush. Only teas from Darjeeling that meet premium standards will bear the number 1.

TG (Tippy Golden) indicate that the tea has a lot of fine, light coloured tips. Tips are of lighter shades since they do not contain as much cell sap that turns dark during fermentation. As a general rule you may keep in mind the longer the string of letters, the better the tea. TGFOP1 will ensure a superior quality tea that has been carefully and diligently manufactured.

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Bannockburn Tea Estate is located in the West Darjeeling Valley. It has a planted area of 143 hectares of a total of around 300 hectares of land and produces 90,000 kgs of tea. The estate employs around 500 workers and is engaged in the process of conversion to organic cultivation.

The Bannockburn Tea Estate was one of the first tea gardens in Darjeeling; planted in the 1850s just a few years after the British brought the earliest Chinese tea plants into the region. The estate is named after the famous battle in which Robert the Bruce of Scotland defeated the English King Edward II in 1314. The hilly area near Darjeeling probably reminded the original Scot planters of their home terrain and the tiny hamlet near Glasgow. Even in these post-colonial times, the name of the Bannockburn Tea Estate in Darjeeling keeps a little bit of Scotland in India and commemorates and perpetuates the famous Scot victory.

An east facing slope just past the army barracks a few miles from the centre of Darjeeling, is home to Bannockburn. The estate consists of a tea factory, the estate workers’ village and an area of forest leading up to a small mountain river.


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