Brazilian – Sul De Minas Blend 200g – coffee BEANS – 47 Degrees coffee


  • 2 gold star award-winning Brazilian beans are the first choice for many trade coffee customers, mainly because it offers fantastic results, time after time when pulled through the espresso machine, giving  an extremely smooth well-balanced shot of coffee with an exceptional crema.
  • While our Brazilian is great through the espresso machine it also works well for filter.
  • Expect, the Chocolate flavours will hit you first, followed by the subtle hint of nuts.
  • This is what the Guild of Fine Food had to say about it,
    • “Delightfully nutty on the nose, typical of Brazil, with a bright if low level of acidity and marked but pleasant bitterness.  Certainly smooth, and with some dark chocolate notes.  A good journey of flavours and sensations on the palate in a smooth arc of progression.  Beautifully even roast on the beans, with minimal defects.”
    • Region: Minas
      Altitude: +1,100m
      Variety: Mundi, Catuai, Acaya
      Harvest: Nov – Dec
      Process: Pulped natural
  • 47degrees are a local small independent business, based in Langley Mill, Derby.
  • This bag is suitable for a  filter machine or cafetiere.

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